Metabolic Control of Astrocyte Pathogenic Activity via cPLA2-MAVS.

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Control of tumor-associated macrophages and T cells in glioblastoma via AHR and CD39.

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Prophylactic TLR9 stimulation reduces brain metastasis through microglia activation.

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Dissection of influenza infection in vivo by single-cell RNA sequencing

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RIPK1 mediates axonal degeneration by promoting inflammation and necroptosis in ALS.

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IL-10 dependent Tr1 cells attenuate astrocyte activation and ameliorate chronic CNS inflammation.

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[link to PubMed]

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Type I interferons and microbial metabolites of tryptophan modulate astrocyte activity and central nervous system inflammation via the aryl hydrocarbon receptor.

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Regulation of astrocyte activation by glycolipids drives chronic CNS inflammation.

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IL-27 acts on DCs to suppress the T cell response and autoimmunity by inducing expression of the immunoregulatory molecule CD39.

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Impaired glutamate recycling and GluN2B-mediated neuronal calcium overload in mice lacking TGF-β1 in the CNS.

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The innate immune system in demyelinating disease.

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The innate immune system in demyelinating disease

Bid regulates the immunological profile of murine microglia and macrophages.

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CD38 facilitates recovery from traumatic brain injury.

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Reduced folate carrier gene silencing in multiple antifolate-resistant tumor cell lines is due to a simultaneous loss of function of multiple transcription factors but not promoter methylation.

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