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Our research comprises basic and translational programs aiming to elucidate the molecular immunometabolic mechanisms of intracellular communication that drive neurologic disorders (ranging from autoimmune and degenerative diseases to cancer).


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We are continuously looking for new talents. If you are passionate about scientific research and innovation, motivated, ambitious and driven, we want you to be part of our team.


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Dear students/aspiring post-docs - please STOP sending GENERIC application/cover letters. They are pointless. Know the PI's name (!), scientific focus, and explain WHY you want to join ... see some great tips from @Dr_Meming’s Twitter thread

If anyone out there is interested, here's the "cheat sheet" that I've been using in all of my classes to teach students how to read academic articles without reading every word. This was given to me in grad school, and I've been using it with grad/undergrads ever since.

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